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Motivate your employee by working productively and earning crypto.

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What is


GROWTHVERSE is a web 3 HR solution platform that motivates your team to work productively through a rewards-earning system. Earning simply by following these 3 steps: check-in, tell the team about daily goal, and update the results at the end of day.


Design Motivate Work

Incentivize employees to work happily and reduce unwanted resignations by earning performance-based rewards.

Increase Productivity
From Everywhere

Digital transformation is here! Let’s make your work trackable together with flexibility even working remotely.

Super Easy!
Only 3 Steps to Go

Earning is sexy. Just get ready, set the goal, and perform. This is how to earn on GROWTHVERSE – simple as that!


Leverage work environment to be more flexy with web 3.0 technology. No matter what role you take in a company, GROWTHVERSE always serves you right.


Elevate your workplace to the next level and be the early blockchain technology adopter. With GROWTHVERSE, With GROWTHVERSE, you will receive an awesome blockchain reward experience, and definitely, a trackable system process.

Human Resources

Having a hard time during bonus evaluation? At GROWTHVERSE, we make it simple. Every bonus will be evaluate based on individual work performance starting from check-in to complete the team's goal.

Team Lead

Key achievement of teams’ productivity is setting up a goal and accomplishing its main results. However, many great tools usually have complex functions, causing confusion in using them. With an easy 3-single-step, GROWTHVERSE will help you boost up your team's productivity.


No more waiting tiredly for the end of year to get your bonus. We make your daily bonus happen here. You will earn bonus everyday based on your performance and create your healthy - wealthy lifestyle by using crypto rewards in trading, purchasing avatar NFT items or physical products in WIRTUAL Shop.


User & Avatar

with your own unique representative NFT Avatar, which is dressable.

Go suit what suits you and get the exclusive benefit from WIRTUAL, an exercise to earn application, that never happened in the world!

Working Log

Trackable teamwork progress has never been this easy!

With a working log: daily check-in, daily goal and daily result, you will be able to see all teams' progress and check on the teams’ empty slots on the company's feed immediately.

Reward System

Get bonus everyday
based on your performance.

We believe performance should be visible /should have visibility. Every your productive action from working log will be able to earn as a credit on GROWTHVERSE. At bonus payout time, your credits will convert into tradable crypto rewards.

Crypto Wallet

Everyone will get a crypto wallet on GROWTHVERSE along with NFT Avatar.

Get an individual crypto wallet on GROWTHVERSE along with NFT Avatar.

Seamlessly access "Wallet" and "NFTs" across WIRTUAL ecosystem. You are able to purchase items from NFT Shop without fee or transfer to an external wallet to trade cryptocurrency.

Company Dashboard

Get a company overview
in 1 page.

Data sheet is brr 🤢. GROWTHVERSE provides a dashboard that shows the performance data of employees and teams, as well as the amount of crypto rewards you have paid as a bonus at a time. And if you want a full report? One click is enough to get 😄


Connected to WIRTUAL Shop. Financial Freedom you can design.

Besides NFT Shop, where you can purchase items to dress up your unique avatar, there is also a  WIRTUAL shop where you can explore physical products from WIRTUAL's partners (For example; Under Armour, Garmin, SBK Gold, NBA Sportmanagement, etc.) and purchase or get discounts by using cryptocurrency.

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All you have to do at bonus payout time is click on confirm button to release crypto rewards according to the credits one has received.